Why All Men Should Train BJJ

Our Answer to Modern Stress Relief, Weight Loss and Positive Social Interaction

Much, Much More!

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu’s men’s BJJ program is so much more than just learning self defence. It’s a social event, team sport, fitness class and martial arts class all rolled into one. The program draws skills from Judo, Jiujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Wrestling. If a fun, challenging, full body live chess match with two people trying to wrestle for dominance and submissions sounds exciting then this might be your next hobby.

The skills you learn in BJJ have the added benefit of mindful focus through the practice of Jiujitsu. This focus and clarity helps you to re-align from modern stresses. You always feel better after a session on the mats. The worries from the day melt away and prepares you for another day.

Leverage, What Is That?

Learning to use leverage to control an opponent is akin to a live full body chess match where you are out-witting your opponent using your entire body. This makes for an amazing core and full body strength workout! Leverage also teaches you about where on a human body is the most effective to control a person.


Guided by our great coaching team you will begin learning and discovering challenging new skills far beyond what you thought you could ever achieve. You will be part of a welcoming, inclusive team that will help you improve your coordination,  get an amazing workout and gain confidence knowing how to deal with resisting opponents from day one. Our men’s BJJ program is social, fun and has a warm beginner friendly culture.