Jiujitsu’s Role in Mastering the Matrix

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu’s Head Coach, Brandon Chin, was proud to facilitate the first ever practical workshop of its kind in Western Australia. Brazilian Jiujitsu is known for its practical approach to self defence but its lesser known qualities of team building, problem solving and principles based on a system of techniques were used to demonstrate the concepts delivered in Master The Matrix – 7 Essentials For Getting Things Done in Complex Organisations by Susan Finerty.

A Senior Manager from a Perth mining giant sought to transform the current team environment to a more positive effective and higher performing culture with the learnings of the book’s system. As a first step she wanted the entire department to participate in a workshop to drive home the key points from the book. The objective was to understand the purpose of the Jiujitsu concepts of learning to cope with conflicts that arise in matrix roles in modern organisations.

The workshop focused on simple skills that brought with it the understanding of leverage, acceding ground to disarming conflict or redirect force and demonstrating that resistance using force-on-force was an exhausting exercise.

The session also lent itself to the more practical and fun use of Jiu Jitsu problem solving through team and partnered games to understand approaches and processes when working with different people, and take limited information to produce solutions. The use of balance, weight and distance to gain the greatest leverage was put to the participants to come up with innovative solutions.

A successful workshop that we here at #kaizenlabjiujitsu hope other organisations follow in the near future. It is a privilege to assist in such a transformative initiative.

#teamkaizenlab prides itself on a culture of building an effective high-performing team that produces champions. From the workshop we saw concepts and principles that would transfer to the corporate world.

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