Kaizen is a fantastic gym, where all the coaches and owners work hard to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The head instructor Brandon is extremely technical and great at communicating all the little details that help to accelerate your bjj journey. Overall a great experience!

Been at Kaizen Lab for almost 5 years training predominantly no-gi. Brandon is an amazing head coach, he is extremely knowledgeable and along with his wife Dot has fostered a very welcoming and tight-knit culture. The gym caters for a wide range of students, from those who just want a new hobby to more competitive athletes. Good focus on wrestling in no-gi classes, which is becoming increasingly important in modern grappling

I have had the fortune of training at Kaizen lab for over three years and I my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Top-notch coaching, wonderful facilities, a positive and inclusive learning environment!

My kids started with Kaizen in 2021 and they truly love the place and the coaches. It has been great to see how BJJ has improved their confidence. There is a great sense of community from this gym and Brandon and Dot are so thoughtful and supportive to our family. Can’t recommend Kaizen enough.

Kaizen has been an incredible place to train, learn, and grow myself as a person. It’s a great environment for both competitive athletes and casual fitness. It has an amazing community behind it and I constantly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

One of the best decisions I’ve made to date was coming down to Kaizen Lab. You’re made to instantly feel like you’re a part of a family and something bigger than yourself. With the coaches and staff being extremely welcoming, friendly and supportive it won’t take you long to get hooked, and with the large number of classes for all skill levels there is genuinely no excuse not to make it down. Coach Brandon is attentive and will ensure training is done in a safe and secure environment with a strong emphasis on how to train safely not only for yourself but those around you. Couldn’t recommend the gym enough!

Excellent teachers, great facilities and wonderful community!

Here at kaizen lab, it feels more like a family! The culture on the mats is great! Which is up there on the list of what is important in a school! You definitely don’t feel like a number here! As for the teachings and coaching! Second to none! Brandon and Dorothy have done very well with building the kaizen community! Looking forward to another 6 years with kaizen!

Is difficult to find a place where you actually feel you belong. The staff of Kaizen make that possible and they transmit this way to the whole crew. I’ve been going for a while now, bjj as it changed my life but belonging to this family changed everything. Proud of being part of it and looking forward to seeing more people give it a go.

Visiting from the US and did a drop-in class. The instruction and and atmosphere at Kaizen Lab was top notch. In all my travels I have not encountered a more hospitable gym. Additionally, a competition was taking place during my stay in Perth that I signed up for on a whim. Recognizing me from the class and realizing I was by myself Coach Brandon volunteered to corner me during my matches. If you are ever in Perth looking to train Jiu-jitsu Kaizen Labs is a must. I cannot say enough good things about this academy.

I have had the pleasure of training at Kaizen Lab for quite some time and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Head coach Brandon's passion for the sport is inspiring. He goes above and beyond to share his extensive knowledge during classes, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. The club has a very supportive and inclusive culture where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed. There is a strong camaraderie, with everyone willing to lend a hand and help each other progress. I highly recommend this club to anyone looking to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or take their skills to the next level.

Kaizen Jiu-jitsu is such a warm and welcoming gym for all levels. My daughter's attend the kids class and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere that the coaches bring. They push the kids in a gentle and supportive way, that helps build their confidence and BJJ skillset. After watching my kids thrive, I joined and have loved attending classes. Especially when the kids and adults run one after the other it's very convenient for families looking to get fit and have a supportive community around them. Coach Brandon and Dorothy have created an inspiring and supportive atmosphere in the gym for beginners (like me) as well as embracing you as an important part of the team. No matter your level. I recommend Kaizen !

Definitely recommend Kaizen to anyone considering the sport. Culture & members are good and encouraging which is important for new starters.

Whether you're just starting in martial art or an advanced practitioner, Kaizen Lab is an excellent choice for anyone looking to join a gym that puts its students first. The instructors are some of the best in their field and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they gladly share with students. Classes are well structured, so everyone can learn at their own pace and feel comfortable asking questions when needed. The facility is also well-maintained and clean. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, making it a great place to learn the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The most welcoming gym, family friendly but also really high level. The head coach Brandon puts a lot of effort in to not only training everyone but teaches everyone how to deal with and prevent injuries. I couldn’t recommend Kaizen more

My daughter has been training at Kaizen lab for the last 4 plus years. She absolutely enjoys every moment on the mats. I would rate coach Brandon and team very high as they provide skill full training as well as a safe family friendly place.

such a great environment to learn all the skills, trainers are all A class and cooperative to get the best out of every student.....


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