In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu provides a beacon of confidence, fitness and fun through our specialised Kids Jiu Jitsu program. We provide a vibrant environment where children learn the beautiful martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, developing essential self-defence skills and important life lessons.

Our kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are structured to impart crucial life skills to our students. The practice of BJJ in a safe and fun environment promotes discipline, self-esteem, and the ability to stand up against bullying, transforming our school into a platform for personal growth and development.



Are you trying to figure out how to teach your kids self-control, confidence, and discipline? Our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are the best around! A martial arts Jiu-Jitsu programme can assist your child in a variety of ways that go far beyond merely improving their physical health.

Kids BJJ classes are designed to teach self defence techniques that help smaller and weaker people defend themselves against larger and stronger attackers. Kids are not taught to use strikes and learn to control an attacker safely through holds and takedowns which use leverage and not just strength.

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benefits of brazilian jiu-jitsu for children

Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an amazing martial art for kids because lessons focus on teaching children the importance of discipline and perseverance.

Students must have a strong work ethic and a willingness to push themselves to their limits in order to advance in the ranks. These abilities transfer to other facets of life, such as academics and interpersonal interactions.

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Our expertly structured program will teach your children self defence techniques in a controlled, safe atmosphere in addition to teaching them discipline. Children need to know how to defend themselves in today’s environment and maintain composure under pressure. This not only gives parents peace of mind, but it also makes kids feel more self-assured and in control of their daily life.

In order to help your child develop into a self-assured, disciplined, and well-rounded person, think about enrolling them in a martial arts school right away. You’ll be investing in your child’s future in numerous ways by enrolling them in these lessons because of their many advantages.

Interested in finding out how our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and childrens Self Defence program can help grow your child’s confidence? Contact us and our friendly team would be more than happy to help answer questions.

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu for children 5 years and up


Our martial arts program called Lil’ Ninjas is designed for kids as young as 5 years old. Our class offers a fun and engaging introduction to Jiujitsu skills through structured gameplay and safe training in falls and tumbling.

With 30-minute lessons led by knowledgeable instructors, this programme is the first step in creating a firm foundation of strength and movement via active problem-solving. Come join us for a fun, upbeat activity that will get your kids moving and teach them valuable skills. Our Lil Ninjas programme is the ideal place to start for young martial artists looking to gain self-assurance, strength, and coordination.

brazilian jiu-jitsu for for 7-14 YEARS


Our Kids & Teens martial arts classes, available throughout the week, cater to children 7 years and up and focus on teaching and refining Jiujitsu techniques. Our program teaches self-control and the principles of leverage, empowering younger members to control larger, stronger opponents.

In our one-hour lessons, we promote teamwork in a welcoming martial arts setting while also fostering personal growth and development. Our goal is to start our younger members on a path towards learning, development, and boosted confidence.

The biggest step we’ve taken to develop responsible, self-assured people and bully-proof society is this one. Come train with us for a fun and exciting martial arts experience that will support your child’s development.

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