BJJ is the perfect women’s self defence because almost all situations will be learning to dealing with being pinned to a surface whether it be a wall or ground. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, a martial arts and self defence system focuses on getting away when pinned particularly for those who are smaller in size or weaker in strength.

Many who happen to fall into this category happen to be women — the “docile” creatures that are often taught from childhood not to play around in the dirt and to resolve violence with words (or quiet discontentment). BJJ is just an all-round great way for women to learn self-defence. Have a look why:


Unfortunately, a swift kick to the groin or a gouging out of the eyeball isn’t always the best attack to immediately go for. Sure – it’s effective when it’s done right, but (excuse the pun) knee-jerk reactions aren’t always going to have you running ecstatically into the night, having gotten away.

In fact, should you succeed in striking your aggressor, but not hard enough to disengage them, you may have just made the situation worse. And what’s worse than someone out to attack you in the dark? Someone out to attack you in the dark who’s just been assaulted by you (hypocritical, isn’t it?). Jiu jitsu helps you to first assess the situation between you and your opponent, and then work from there by knowing your strengths and various ways out of tricky holds.


Best believe it: if you’re a 50-something kilogram woman in combat with an 80-90 kilo man, you will likely not win that battle with a few jabs and punches. You might become a human pancake though, which is something that has hopefully not yet happened in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. What you need to know instead is how to use your opponents weight against them, as well as how to get out from under them should they manage to get you in their guard. BJJ is the ultimate martial art and effective in teaching effective self defence for giving weaker and smaller opponents a fighting chance. It’s brain over brawn.


BJJ is also the art of offence — but it works both ways. Most of what Jiu-jitsu revolves around is being choked (or applying chokes) and having control of your opponents limbs to turn them into incredibly uncomfortable positions standing and on the ground (and vice versa) – called submissions.

These submission attacks all use your entire body as leverage to apply all kinds of attacks that women might face should they be required to use self-defence. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is all about knowing how to avoid and/or get yourself out of these tricky situations whilst minimising any damage to yourself. Knowing the right actions when pulled into a scary situation allows women to react appropriately at the right time.


Not only is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu a top-rated combat sport, but it’s also filled with countless other benefits that could be ranted on about for hours. To mention just a few, jiu jitsu helps to lower stress levels, build social circles, increase mental focus and keep your brain working constantly towards your next move. It also increases endurance, builds self-confidence, and helps with improving flexibility and muscle-tone. It’s a self-defence system bundled with dozens of other treats — like a gift pack!

Think jiu jitsu could be the perfect way for you to learn self-defence? Give our 3-class trial a go and see for yourself how it measures up!

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