Kaizen Lab members might’ve noticed something different walking back through the jiu jitsu doors (if you have so just yet!). Almost every single person has been out of the game for quite some time. Unlike the usual reasoning – hectic month at work, travel, Doritos by the TV – most of everyone collectively had the same reason: COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions.

For that reasoning, today’s blog post is a helpful bundle of tips aimed at getting back into your favourite martial art sport.



Remember what made you keep going in the first place. Besides the obvious benefits of health and fitness, what made jiu jitsu stand out? Maybe because it kept your mind switched on and focused? Maybe because of its endless resource of self-defense skills? Maybe because of its social benefits (making a commitment to work-out during the week doesn’t have to be isolating). If you know what you’re coming back for, and have your goals laid out in your mind, things will be a lot smoother when readjusting to a COVID-19 Stage 4 lifestyle.



If you haven’t been training in months, throwing yourself too hard back into the game can be just as off-putting as not going at all. Let your body readjust and work up from there. Don’t go two sessions in one night if your body can’t take the sudden change. Think you don’t have the time (or want) to commit to a few nights a week of jiu jitsu? Start small. Work in at least one or two sessions a week and allow yourself to grow back into your original status.



Schedule it into your day. Make it something of importance. Jiu jitsu isn’t just a fun after-work/school class. It’s a mentally stimulating and social work-out. The pay-off from each work out will ultimately benefit you in both the short-term and long-term. Work will always be busy, but jiu jitsu allows you not only to cope but to potentially thrive in day-to-day life.



Only you know what helps to keep you going to classes. Does it help to pack your gym bag at the start of the day so there’s no need to slow down between work and jiu jisu? Do you get hangry if you don’t have a healthy snack on you before starting? Will a light meal affect your work out later on? Or help? Think of what assisted you to commit to classes before and prep appropriately.



Think you’re feeling flaky? Bring a buddy to class that can help with keeping you in check. It’s a lot easier to commit to things when you have someone else along for the ride with you. Remember: if you and your buddy sign up at the same time for a starter pack, you’ll both receive 10% off — and if you’re an existing member who’s referring a new member you’ll get a $25 Coles Myer gift card (we’re keen on the “Bring a Buddy” method here!).

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