When you’re trying to make or keep a fitness routine, your social life almost always suffers from the first day you have to start saying no to hanging out with your friends in favour of sticking to your workout goals. But the great thing about the practice of Brazilian jiu jitsu is that keeping up a fitness regime doesn’t have to mean that much less social time. In fact, in some cases it might increase it. Jiu jitsu is not only an extrovert’s sport, but also a sport for an introvert to come out of their shell. In jiu jitsu, you make friends fast. Have a look at how:

What is it about when trying to choke an opponent and contort their limbs that turns us all into vibrant rays of sunshine? Who knows. But the point is, you’re surrounded by an army of like-minded people wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle and happy to be on the mats training for however many hours you might opt to do jiu jitsu in a week. When you come to train, as much as you might try to defeat your team in combat, you’ll soon becoming one of those healthy, happy people too.

You like jiu jitsu? They like jiu jitsu. You keep doing anything enough and you’ll develop a liking for it — especially jiu jitsu, because it’s awesome. Hobbies that keep both your mind and your muscles entertained will definitely do the trick. Jiu jitsu people love to talk about jiu jitsu. They love to talk about what happened in class, what happened in the UFC, what move they should’ve done instead on the random training partner that beat them. Even if you’re a first time jiu jitsu-goer you’ll probably find you and another team mate wanting to talk about a complicated move.

So, there are a few different things that contribute to a boost in confidence in jiu jitsu. We all know that when you look good, you feel good. But also, a regular surge of adrenalin helps too (jiu jitsu will quite rigorously run you into a sweat every time). Training boosts confidence. Of course it does. You’re training to win in a physical chess match against opponents who are often much bigger, skilled or heavier than you are, and you’re burning fat at the same time. Double win.

A lot of people nervous about starting a new class send us queries based on the challenging aspect of group class settings. It’s not always an introvert’s idea of socialisation (or sport itself) when you’re introduced to a group rather than a one-on-one, but jiu jitsu will show you the merits of working in a team. It can be unnerving starting not only a new class, but also to enter into a new environment of people who, most, have already gotten to know each other. Funnily enough, despite the initial anxiety of moving into a new group, BJJ can help quite a bit with mitigating fear and anxiety. It’s a kind of therapy for everyone’s day-to-day hurdles. Think of the phrase: “throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack”. This kind of applies here too, except you’re being thrown to very friendly and welcoming wolves. And you more so come out a part of the pack. Go team!

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