That’s right. Once again, we begin our siren call to lull new friends into our premises. Despite the ‘new year, new me’ solution being entirely a myth, it still, for some reason, feels reinvigorating each time to begin a new year’s calendar. Whether or not we change our minds about our new year’s goals two weeks later, it still sets up a newfound motivator to try something new. And we just want to put forward, why not Brazilian Jiujitsu and Muay Thai

We’re not a lock-in contract type of place. We actively encourage anyone thinking about trying out BJJ and Muay Thai at Kaizen Lab to consider our three-class pass —which is 3 classes for almost the price of one. It’s a simple process and can be done either online or in person by one of our friendly front desk crew (just make sure to give yourself fifteen minutes before class to register!).

Trying out some classes allows for anyone unfamiliar with our gym (or martial arts in general) to get a good feel for how we run things without feeling pressured into committing to a membership. Once your trial period is up and you’ve fallen in love (or at least become somewhat attached) with jiu jitsu, we have plenty of options for memberships. Whether you prefer something more akin to a ten-class pass or a direct debit membership, the choice is yours.

Yep! We might not be quite literally going out and helping you cross the items off your list of new year’s resolutions, but our gym itself is going to be fantastic as a motivator. Once you start going to jits, it’s like you’ve kickstarted your engine for motivation.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combination of strength, endurance, and cardio training. It’s a blood-pumping jolt to both the body and the brain. Keeping that in mind, this art carries with it the benefits of reducing stress, helping to balance your mind, and put you in that positive mindset ready to take on the next hurdle. Want to eat healthier? Training your body like you do in jiu jitsu will help you to respect what you fuel your body with. Want to lose weight / build muscle? — again, jiu jitsu will do that. Want to meet a branch of positive and friendly people? —jitsu again.

All it takes is one tipping domino to start seeing the other blocks move in likewise effect. For more information on this domino effect, see our older blog post ‘4 Ways Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps You To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions’ for a more in-depth explanation on the ways jiu jitsu can positively affect your life.

We schedule most of our jits classes — with the exception of a couple day classes and Saturday classes —to fall directly after general work hours. Which makes it super convenient for our gym to be located just outside the CBD, parallel to Lord Street. We’re just a quick bus ride away with ample street parking (no charge) as well for those who prefer to drive in. The new year is all about making new commitments, and we try to make that as easy as possible. Some people have even enjoyed biking to our facility!

Besides consistent rockin’ beats on play throughout each spar, we also have a great community fostered at the Kaizen Lab gym. All our coaches are quick to help with technique as well as being friendly and down-to-earth. Our members consist of all types of personalities, men and women, youngsters and adults. Our gym fosters both those who are brand new to the game as well as the more experienced looking to fine-tune their skills. We keep the good vibes through a strong community of like-minded, positive people. It’s not a struggle nor a journey to fit in here!

Let’s start working on building on ourselves this year and get to Kaizen Lab ASAP! No regrets and no hardships with making trying out at our gym your new year’s resolution. Try our three-class pass today and make the change!

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu
185 Claisebrook Road
Perth 6000
Western Australia