In our previous article “Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Helps Your Child Develop Self-Confidence, Discipline, and Fitness” we talk about the benefits of Kids BJJ program and with Jiu-Jitsu for kids booming here in Perth. But not every parent is aboard the martial art hype-train just yet. Many parents worry about getting their kids into a Kids Jiu-Jitsu program. Will it be too hard? Or teach aggression? Will my child get injured?

Here’s some parental concerns we can address to shed some light on the reality of the situation.

5 Concerns About Getting Your Kids Into Jiu-Jitsu That We Can Clear Up

Concern 1: “My Child Could Become More Aggressive”

If you’re worried about a child who already has aggressive tendencies, Jiu-Jitsu may actually be the recipe for getting them to find better ways to channel their rage. Not only is each child given a safe and fun way to release any pent up aggression, kids are also taught techniques on how to slow their breathing and control their emotions to work past tough spots while in combat. Anger management and impulse control are also key fundamentals instilled in classes.

To be clear: participants who let their emotions get the better of them will have a hard time succeeding in Jiu-Jitsu. Instead, it’s only through learning to control their emotions and to understand the game at hand that your child will then progress in rank.

Concern 2: “My Kid Could Get Seriously Injured”

Much like any sport, there is a chance your kid could sustain minor injuries like bruises or sprains while practising. However, sustaining serious injuries is highly unlikely. Particularly with kids Jiu-Jitsu classes, coaches are taught to keep a vigilant eye over their young combatants. At Perth’s Kaizen Lab, our coaches are specially trained to watch out for over-zealous participants as well as each child’s unique tendencies during training.

If your child is in anyway particularly physically vulnerable, discuss this with a coach! Like any good gym, we will help clear up any of your concerns before taking on a class.

Concern 3: “My Kid Could Start Fighting Other Kids At School”

While Jiu-Jitsu kids take a lot of pride in what they are learning in class, it is unlikely that they will start fighting kids outside of class. If anything, learning a martial art will teach your kids patience, humbleness and, importantly, a higher self-regard. We should mention, however, that should your child be pulled into a fight (particularly a child who may be getting bullied), they will have the skills necessary to better defend themselves against others.

Concern 4: “My Kid Could Become Overwhelmed / It’s Too Hard For My Kid”

Exercise is not supposed to be stressful, and if you’re worried about your kid becoming overwhelmed, you should address your concerns with the coach. But, besides that, exercise should be according to your kid’s current capabilities. At Kaizen Lab, as at many other gyms, we are trained to know when to push and when to step back.

Also: If your child suffers from anxiety, Jiu-Jitsu is actually the perfect remedy for relieving stress and building confidence. Check out our blog post How to Use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Bust Stress and Anxiety” to learn more about this.

Concern 5: “My Kid Could Start Seeing Everything As A Competition”

Competitiveness is healthy, especially when it is mixed in with humbleness—and Jiu-Jitsu teaches both. Being competitive results from realising the high you get from succeeding at something. Being humble results from realising the downs you get from losing at something. Both are important lessons in life we all need to learn before adulthood. In a way, Jiu-Jitsu can also teach your kids that not everything needs to be a competition—that sometimes you do lose, and that’s okay.

Want to Know More? Here’s Some More Helpful Resources

Finding the right sport for your kid can be hard, and we’re here to clear up any extra concerns when it comes to getting your kids into Jiu-Jitsu. Check out these helpful resources below, should you need them.

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Kaizen Lab has a blog, and we love to talk about our fantastic kids classes. Why not have a look at our blog post “BJJ Is Good For Your Kids” to learn why Jiu-Jitsu is so great for children.

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Check out this video released by the NY Martial Arts Academy on how martial arts has helped children improve in their school life. Not only have some kids been more confident and able to control their emotions, but some have also been able to improve their concentration during class!

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