We compare the two types of classes available; Fundamentals Class and All Levels Class. Find out which one is the perfect one for you or if you’re a beginner which is the one to start with. This guide will explain the different classes and how to get the most out of them – what are the main differences between the Fundamentals and All Levels Classes.


BJJ Fundamentals class are usually recommended for beginners because it teaches and refines the foundation movements and techniques of BJJ. This class tends to be shorter and usually only an hour in duration and has a balance of fitness and strength as well as self defence techniques. This class is also frequented by more advanced martial artists looking to refine or refresh certain skills. The body of knowledge is so vast that there is always new details to pick up.

Fundamentals class is designed to set the groundwork in movement patterning and concept development. We recommend absolute beginners in BJJ train in fundamentals before attending the all levels classes as this allows time for the body to adapt to the more rigorous fitness requirements in more advanced classes. How long this takes depends on the individual and the Coaches can provide recommendations after a brief assessment.

Fundamentals classes are also more focused and repeat themselves to allow the attendees to better retain the information. This helps to minimise injuries during training because of the new ways we are learning to move our bodies. Fundamentals helps to teach you how to execute these actions without putting your training partners at unnecessary risk as well as the safe ways to react when you, yourself, are put in a tricky position. Awareness of timing, including when to tap out, is also a learnt skill. A lot of etiquette and practices are taught in Fundamentals classes as a result.

Conditions your subconscious with learnt behaviours and repeating good technique will also speed up your progression. Think of how your fingers have your pin memorised even when your mind might not, or how your feet know instinctively when to accelerate, break and hold the clutch when driving. When you keep repeating the same technique for long enough you start reacting to it without need for prompting.


BJJ All levels classes include gi and no-gi (submission grappling) classes and include specialty classes such as advanced class which are for blue belts and above, and competition class which are for a range of graded belts invited to become part of the competition team.

These classes are all designed to challenge your ways of thinking, movements, strength and conditioning. These classes are usually longer and more intense than Fundamentals Classes and start to really challenge the skills of attendees. These also start to introduce the competitive sportive nature of BJJ and submission grappling allowing for more advanced techniques against skilled opponents.

Part of what helps you level-up in BJJ is free rolling with people of all different experiences and also the methods of practice and applying fundamental techniques will be increased and tested.
While fundamentals tends have a balance of self defence against an untrained opponent, all levels gives you a bit more flexibility in how technques are applied as it encourages applications on trained opponents. Ways to personalise your techniques and make them your own are also taugh and allow you to build on the fundamental skills.

When training and free-rolling against a multitude of different skill levels your defensive skills and movements are also being challenged. By grappling with someone more skilled than you are, you are encouraged to work harder, use your mind and your muscles, and figure out your next move.

Humbles you again and again. A lot of beginners go in with a certain amount of ego: all levels helps to squash that right out of you. There will always be someone better than you (even when their belt, size or weight might’ve had you think otherwise).

If you’re interested in trying out jiu jitsu for the first time, give our 3-class trial a try! And check out our class timetable to find the next fundamentals or all levels class for you.

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