There’s a lot to learn when entering a new environment. Stuff flies over our heads sometimes — it happens easily. But, today, we’re going to help you by providing you with all you need to know about the etiquette at Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu. Particularly, if you’re thinking about joining us for a beginner’s session, this list below will help you feel extra prepared to start.

All Kaizen Lab members are set up with a personalised profile on our Member Portal app, even if you’re just starting out on our popular 3-Class Trial. Using our intuitive app, you can pre-register for class at just the press of a button. Registering your attendance will not only help our coaching team prepare for class, but also assist in understanding your progress and training stats.

Need help with class registration? Not a problem! Please see one of our friendly Membership Team at reception: they will be happy to assist you with the process.

If you’ve ever seen or done BJJ before, you know that it requires a LOT of rolling around on the mats. It’s for that reason particularly that we like to keep our mats clean and free from whatever might have been dragged in from outside the gym. Upon entering the gym area, take off your shoes before stepping onto the mats and put them to the side — the mats will love you for it.

On the other hand, if you’re stepping off the mats to go to the restrooms or reception area, please keep your feet clean by wearing footwear. We’ve even got spare footwear available for you to use if needed.

Good hygiene is a must. In BJJ, when exercising in such close proximity to other members, don’t be fooled into thinking no one else can tell you’ve skipped showering. Ensure you are maintaining a respectable level of hygiene before entering the gym and don’t hesitate to use our shower facilities before and after training. We also recommend bringing deodorant and washing your gi after every class.

Committing to any sport means spending hard-earned cash on uniforms, training apparel and equipment. Ask us about our special laundry detergent that removes strong athletic smells, leaving your uniform and apparel odour free and ready for more training.

New to the gym? Introduce yourself! Make yourself known to the Coach on the mats and also to your fellow members. By saying hi to others, including more experienced members in the class, they are given the opportunity to welcome you and assist you in your new sporting love. It may also help alleviate the stress of attending a class in a new environment and make you some new lifelong friends.

Class starts relatively on time and if you’re starting your first class, you should give yourself an extra 10–15 minutes prior to allow for a short induction to the gym and to answer any questions you might have. Being late to a class, however, is not a deal breaker. We understand we all lead busy lives and there’s sometimes traffic that gets in the way. To enter a class when you’re late simply wait by the edge of the mat and get the attention of the Coach running the session. When you’ve gotten their attention, simply bow to them and they will wave you to join the class when it is safe to do so. This is important especially if there was a missed safety briefing for a particular drill being run.

Remember: jiu jitsu is the sport of humbling. Even the pros fail – many times. Always keep your ego at bay during class, and you’ll find you will advance a lot quicker within the gym because of it. If you’re a complete beginner at jiu jitsu, expect to be humbled. There’s no shame in not being automatically good at something you’re brand new at. The quicker you learn the value of being humble, the quicker you will find yourself bouncing back from failure and returning ready to learn.

Remember that we’re always happy to chat if you have any queries regarding your new start with BJJ and Muay Thai at Kaizen. Give our 3-Class trial a go and see for yourself what makes our gym a fantastic place to start OR continue your martial arts journey!

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