Team Kaizen Lab Partners with FaMA Singapore

We are pleased to announce that Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu has partnered with Fitness and Martial Arts (FaMA), Singapore. As partners in the reciprocal program members from Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu can access training for up to 12 times a year at no additional cost at FaMA, and vice versa. With a great team culture, high level …

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Better, Stronger, Faster in BJJ

Better, Stronger, Faster – A Strategy on How You Learn BJJ It goes without saying that when you turn up to a BJJ class you are going to be exposed to new techniques and that to effectively progress in the art, you will need to retain as much of this as possible. Sometimes this can …

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Why Corporate BJJ is Good For You and Good For Business

For an individual’s stress management and mindfulness needs, it’s well known that meditation is a useful technique. Enter Brazilian Jiujitsu and its forced moving meditation. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is a self-defense system made famous through UFC and its no-holds barred history. Its practitioners were extremely successful through competitions, receiving little to no damage and …

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