Most people know that exercise can be hugely beneficial to your day-to-day life — including your work life. But not everyone knows that some companies place Brazilian jiu jitsu so strongly on their radar that they have sponsored BJJ classes for their employees’ fitness and mental health regimes. Large companies like Google and LinkedIn in particular have gotten aboard the BJJ hype train. Why? Well, for starters…


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an unorthodox style of therapy. Try worrying about money, deadlines and other dilemmas when in a feigned struggle between life and death.

While practicing BJJ your focus is entirely on the present and teaches you to enjoy the process rather focusing on the outcome.

BJJ helps to re-focus your mental perspective and potential causes of stress in the workplace to keep you on top of your game.


While day-to-day struggles go beyond physical strength, practicing BJJ empowers you and makes you feels like you could take on the world. BJJ gives you a sense of pride at meeting and overcoming challenges — particularly when practitioners transition from awkward and unsure to poised and ready.

Gender, race, position on the corporate ladder are all brought down to equality on the mat where strategy, tactics and application of leverage concepts empowers you to be successful.

These bring a different set of attributes and qualities valued by your fellow colleagues outside of the corporate rat race.


BJJ keeps your mind engaged, challenged and then sharpens it. Engaging in BJJ requires learnt technique, prediction, evaluation before attack, and a balance between acting on the defense and acting on the offense.

Brawn can only get you so far in training yourself to act with smarts is where it gets tricky. Rather than acting blindly, BJJ encourages quick-thinking and working with the problem rather than running away from it.


Jiu jitsu is the sport of equals — and, as a sidebar, we strongly recommend it for women looking to learn more self-defense – it doesn’t matter about your race, creed, religion or sex.

Tall, small, thin or large: it is technique and ability to problem solve that will ultimately win you the majority of your matches. The better tactician will come out ahead.

Using your weight against your opponent can be considered a quick-trick, but someone with the right technique and know-how will ultimately get the upper hand.

Much like the workplace, it is your ability to work smart over anything else that will get you going places.

If you’re interested in trying out jiu jitsu for the first time, give our 3-class trial a go for just $39!

And if you’re interested in sponsoring BJJ classes as part of your employee wellness program, please drop us a line at — we’d love to help get you started!


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