Learn One Of The Best Self Defence Systems on the Planet.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial arts arts system world reknowned for the whole package of self defence, fitness and mindfulness.

Guided Fitness

The complete package of guided classes, fitness, self defence and art all under one roof.

Experienced Coaches

Friendly experienced Coaches with decades of experience to guide and share with all.

Inclusive Community

A welcoming inclusive community to provide a safe, social and enjoyable training environment for all ages.

Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu Self Defence Skills

Escape From A Headlock

Learn how to escape when trapped in a headlock using leverage to create space.

Defend A Haymaker Punch

Learn how to avoid getting punched from big punch swings and control an aggressive opponent.

Knock An Opponent Down With The Double Ankle Sweep

Learn how to knock over an opponent with a double ankle sweep when you are on the ground fighting off your back.

Turning An Opponent Over Using An Elevator Sweep

Learn how to control and turn an aggressive opponent on to their back with the elevator sweep.

Defend The Collar Grab

Know what to do when someone grabs your collar or lapel and how to defend from being punched.

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“I’ve been training at Kaizen Lab for a little over a year and couldn’t speak more highly of the Club as both a gym and community. Jiujitsu has become my favorite pass time and I’m so glad that I gave it a try after a long time thinking about joining.”


Finance, 25

“Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu is an excellent family orientated gym, very friendly and welcoming. Great facilities.”


Project Officer, 32

“The Kaizen Lab is my teenager’s favourite after school activity. From zero knowledge to confident sparring with her small group of like-minded, meme-speaking, wholesome teenagers, we highly recommend Brandon, Dot and their team”


Mum, 40

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