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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

Our Coaching Team


“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”

Brandon is #TeamKaizenLab‘s Head Coach and is a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt; being awarded his black belt in 2010 by John Will and his coaches Stacey Wilson and Troy Flugge.

Brandon started his martial arts journey learning traditional striking martial arts before being introduced to the gentle art of BJJ 20 years ago. From there, he fell in love with the combination of intellectual and physical aspects of BJJ. Brandon enjoys the benefits of improved balance, coordination and self defence that BJJ imparts and finds practicing the art a great stress relief and wonderful social outlet.

Brandon is passionate about martial arts and, in addition to his expertise in BJJ, he has had extensive training in a range of different systems, including various Filipino weapon combatives, judo, kung fu and kickboxing.


“Just keep showing up.”

Fourteen years ago, a friend wanted to try BJJ and persuaded Phil to tag along. Phil had done other martial arts as a child and didn’t go in with high expectations of BJJ but loved it straight away!

Now a Brown Belt, Phil attributes BJJ with keeping him humble and mentally resilient. BJJ is a great stress outlet for Phil and he enjoys the increased control and awareness of his body. It also provides him with effective tools to defend himself and his loved ones.

Phil appreciates the continuous learning that is part of BJJ, and enjoys rolling with different people and the different physical attributes, attitudes and game that they bring. Whilst BJJ is perceived as an individual sport, you are very dependent on your training partners, and develop a great sense of camaraderie and community with them.


“Enjoy the journey. There’s no actual ‘end’ to BJJ, so remember to have fun and not just worry about what comes next.”

Like many others, Andrew was inspired to try martial arts after watching UFC. He ultimately decided on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it was designed for smaller people (like himself!) to defend themselves against bigger opponents. After ten years of practicing the gentle art, Andrew is now a Brown Belt and coaches our adult BJJ programs.

As someone who hates exercise and loves beer, BJJ is great at preventing Andrew from turning into a self-described manatee. BJJ is good for you physically and is just fun overall. Training is also a sanctuary for Andrew to get away from everyday work and life stress. It’s hard to worry about other things while you’re being strangled! BJJ is also a great way to make friends and meet people from all walks of life.


“You don’t have to win every fight or roll at training. Try to dial down the use of strength and athleticism; technique is king.”

Currently a Brown Belt at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Paul started his BJJ journey in his 30s when he ‘retired’ from team sports and was looking for his next challenge. Having long been a fan of MMA, he was inspired to try his hand at BJJ. Nine years on, Paul coaches both Kids and Adult BJJ programs at Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu.

Paul likens BJJ to an all-body game of chess that challenges him mentally, as well as keeping him physically healthy.

BJJ also provides a great team environment, even though it’s essentially a solo sport.


“Persevere, train consistently and don’t get disheartened early on. The great thing about BJJ is that you learn at every single training session”
Simon started martial arts at the age of 18, training in Kung Fu and then Muay Thai. Six years ago, Simon wanted to expand his martial arts knowledge so he bought a cheap gi and headed to his first BJJ class at Ippon Gym in the UK. He has never looked back!
Simon has trained under excellent BJJ instructors including Ippon Gym’s Jeff Lawson, Ben Dyson and now Kaizen Lab’s head coach Brandon Chin. Simon is also a keen BJJ competitor, having participated in many tournaments from white through to his current Brown Belt.
BJJ brings Simon so many life benefits – a practical and useful self defence, increased confidence, friendships and camaraderie, improved problem solving, stress relief and positive mental wellbeing. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day he’s had – when Simon is rolling he focuses on BJJ 100% and nothing else matters.


“Compare your progress to how you were yesterday, don’t compare your progress to other people. One percent of progression each session adds up to a lot over time.”

Luke started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2012 after being a fan of UFC for some time. He enjoys the challenging nature of the sport and finds improving at BJJ extremely rewarding. Submitting other humans is also very addictive! 😉

BJJ is a fun, social way for Luke to de-stress, keeping him fit and his mind stimulated. When not teaching or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Luke enjoys spending time chilling out with friends and family or caring for his impressive (fake?) beard.


“Experience everything once.”

As a rugby union athlete, Max began training BJJ two years ago to incorporate new skills into his rugby and fitness training regime. From that moment he discovered a love for BJJ and has since adopted it as his primary sport.

As a Blue Belt, Max is motivated by BJJ’s infinite learning possibilities and it’s ability to greatly improve his fitness. Max also enjoys the challenge of mastering new BJJ techniques.

He is an active competitor at both state and national level and plans to further refine his abilities through participating in many more competitions in the future.


“The best advice I’ve received was to stop chasing belts. Enjoy the process and figure out your own BJJ path”

A Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aaron found his path 5 years ago when he started training in MMA but fell in love with BJJ instead. Aaron enjoys the multifaceted benefits BJJ has to offer – improved mental agility through problem solving, physical exercise and learning self defence all whilst having fun and meeting new people.

Aaron is a familiar, friendly face in the academy. He not only assists with Kaizen’s Kids BJJ programs but also coaches our BJJ Fundamentals class on Wednesday evenings.

Having seen the benefits BJJ has brought to him, Aaron hopes to help other members navigate their BJJ path.


“Don’t rush the process. Skills take time to build, you might not notice the incremental increases day-to-day or week-to-week but the improvement is taking place!“

Three years ago, Christian was getting bored with going to the gym and pumping out weights. He was looking for something a bit more fun that would still keep him fit – enter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As someone who doesn’t have much time outside of work and other commitments, BJJ is perfect. It fulfills the need to do a sport that is challenging, rewarding and involves constant learning. 

Now a Blue Belt, Christian enjoys the challenge of learning new skills in BJJ while being able to push the physical limits with other like minded people.

Outside of training or coaching Kaizen’s adult BJJ program, Christian works as a Physiotherapist and often spends time reading, getting outdoors, having coffee and just generally hanging out


“Know your strengths and design your game around them. BJJ isn’t about being better than someone else – it’s about being better than what you used to be. Knowing that you are progressing within yourself is what really matters.”

Jess assists with developing our junior members’ potential and talent through Kaizen’s Kids BJJ programs. Jess started BJJ 2 years ago when she retired from playing state level soccer/futsal after sustaining a serious knee injury. She’d always wanted to try a martial art and exactly one year after her knee reconstruction, Jess started her new sporting passion with BJJ!

Inspired by the intellectual and physical aspects of the gentle art, Jess loves that there is so much to learn every time she steps on to the mats. She also enjoys Kaizen’s positive and inclusive club atmosphere, making some great friendships along the way.


“You are what you repeatedly do.”

Kaizen Lab’s Muay Thai Coach, Anton, started training in Muay Thai over 10 years ago. It started with watching golden-era Pride FC and a drunken backpacking trip to Lumpinee stadium – from there he was hooked on the athleticism and power of Muay Thai. Anton later added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his martial arts arsenal after looking for something he could get better with as he aged.

Aside from the physical benefits, Anton enjoys how martial arts cultivates discipline and humility in an individual. He’s also gained a deeper understanding of body mechanics and proprioception through his combined experience in martial arts.

Anton is a Marine Scientist and professional diver. He is currently working in offshore survival / helicopter underwater escape training whilst completing his postgraduate education. Anton loves to ride bikes, lift weights and climb walls for kicks

Our Membership Team


“Don’t be afraid of growing slowly. Only be afraid of standing still”

Dorothy is #TeamKaizenLab’s Operations Manager and resident admin ninja. Although not a coach, Dorothy is an important member of the Kaizen team and has the enviable task of ensuring the academy runs smoothly and efficiently. She is often the friendly person on the other end of the phone, email or social media post; happily answering any questions you may have.

Dorothy loves being a part of Kaizen’s positive and supportive community. She enjoys meeting new members and their families and watching them grow in their love and expertise of BJJ. She particularly enjoys seeing Kaizen’s junior members progress and build their confidence through the martial art.

When she is not organising the academy, Dorothy is busy organising her two young children and much older (and larger) black belt husband. She also enjoys spending her spare time with her family and friends, badly dancing to 90s R&B/Hip Hop and expanding on her gin collection.


“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”

Ashley joined Kaizen Lab’s Membership Team in 2019, helping with membership sign-ups and queries, as well as being the creative brain behind Kaizen’s blog posts. You may also see her occasionally walking along the mats grabbing photos for the gym’s social media. She loves the easygoing and super friendly nature of the Kaizen team and looks forward to classes starting up again soon!

Outside of Kaizen, Ashley enjoys an excessive amount of reading, watching TV, as well as her (other) job in administration where she gets to meet lots of clients, drink lots of coffee, and tinker with Word documents. When she’s got her head screwed on, she also enjoys writing and studying for her editing exam.


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”

New to Perth from sunny Singapore, Jody is not unfamiliar to martial arts. Jody started training in Aikido at age 11 and attained her black belt when she was 17 years old. Although no longer training, she misses the art and looks forward to going back to it once she can.

Jody is a stay at home mum to her two lovely boys and works remotely from Perth managing her ecommerce business in Singapore. In her spare time, Jody enjoys crafting, binge watching Netflix and listening to good old tunes from the 80s.

Catch her every Saturday at our front desk where she will likely remind you to sign in for class and be a splash of sunshine before and after your training at Kaizen Lab.