personal Training

The opportunity to focus and personalise skills to ensure time spent training is maximised and convenient.

Personal Training

 When you are trying to get better at a subject in school sometimes it’s difficult to get the attention you need in a class full of students.   This is where a tutor would be beneficial.  It’s the same case for Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kickboxing/Muay Thai and that’s where personal training sessions come in.

Personal training sessions begin with developing a training plan created in collaboration with the member to identify what their goals are and also the best way to retain and apply the skills that will be taught at their stage of development.

Individual Attention

You have your Coach all to yourself, so if you are having trouble with anything in sparring or have any other questions it’s easy to get answers. Even if you just need advice on your fight strategy or tactics or tips on what to work on, personal training sessions are the perfect time to get that game changing technique you may not of even known you needed.

Personalised Assistance

Your Coach can give you valuable feedback about your training including bringing to light your good and bad habits. This will help you improve much faster, and give you a better idea what you need to work on. They can go over techniques that will work for your game specifically that you can add in immediately.

Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes work may get busy and classes could be hard to attend with a busy schedule, but with privates you have way more flexibility. It’s easy to find a time that will work with your schedule to take a quick one hour private, so you can continue to progress.

Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Private lessons can put you one step ahead of your competition, and give you that edge you need. When you are learning BJJ you need to have an answer for every situation, and taking a private with an instructor can help you find those answers more quickly.

Roll with your Coach

Personal training sessions in BJJ are also a chance for you to roll with your instructor, which can teach you a lot. They can analyze your game better by feeling you roll, and point out holes in your game. In a large class setting it may be hard to get this opportunity, so take advantage of personal training.

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