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Nov ’19 Timetable Changes

Effective from Tuesday 5 November 2019 our times for Tuesdays and Thursday evenings will be changing.   New Tuesday Times 5:30pm Kickxboing and Muay Thai 6:30pm Advanced BJJ Class 7:45pm All Levels BJJ   New Thursday Times 5:30pm Kickxboing and Muay Thai...


by Ashley Valli   When you’re trying to make or keep a fitness routine, your social life almost always suffers from the first day you have to start saying no to hanging out with your friends in favour of sticking to your workout goals. But the great thing about the...

Twice A Blue Belt

Fifteen years ago, and only a couple of months after receiving Blue Belt No. 1, I gave up jiujitsu to focus on my final years of high school. At the time, my very flawed logic was simple. Like many new students, jiujitsu was an all or nothing proposition

Little Pat’s Big Lessons of (BJJ) Life

  I am sure I am not the only one on this journey. Eat, Work, Roll repeat. Well at least I was. The year 2018 was a year full of injuries; some self-inflicted, some freak accidents. I was dreaming of BJJ all the time; new techniques, better positions I could be...


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