Mindfulness and Stress Relief Through Jiujitsu

A number of large corporations such as Google and Linkedin in the US are now finding innovative new ways to aid in staff retention, morale and mindfulness by offering classes in Brazilian Jiujitsu for their employees. Why, you probably ask – there’s actually a strong similarity between technology workers and Brazilian Jiujitsu in terms of thinking and mindset.

Brazilian Jiujitsu has unique practices within the martial arts community and can be aptly described as a whole body live chess game. This thinking aspect of the art as well as strategy and tactical aspects lends itself to people that enjoy a more thoughtful martial art. This thoughtfulness also lends itself to mindfulness where your entire body and mind are focused on the task at hand and all other worries take a back seat while you’re training on the mats in Jiujitsu. This is very different to the likes of kick-boxing, karate or taekwondo in that respect. All martial arts are great at stress relief, but few can rival the mindfulness and chess style gameplay that Brazilian Jiujitsu brings.

A great article about Google and BJJ can be found here: http://fightland.vice.com/blog/gjj-google-takes-up-brazilian-jiu-jitsu