Kids & Teens Jiujitsu

specially designed for rising stars to learn skills, techniques and resilience on the road to becoming bully proof

Lil Ninjas

Ages 5 to 7 years

Lil Ninjas introduces kids to jiu jitsu skills and games in a structured class format. Classes aim to improve movement and conceptual understanding skills through active problem solving, while also having fun in a light hearted session.

A solid foundation at this stage with skills, strength, coordination and understanding of movement concepts will set the kids up for success in our Kids & Teens Jiujitsu Program should they wish to continue in their martial arts journey.

Kids & Teens Jiujitsu

Our Kids & Teens Jiujitsu Program, is a clear structured set of classes that provide a linear pathway to learn, grow and develop self defence and confidence through the martial art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Classes are specially designed to build resilience, improve self esteem and confidence. Which goes a long way to making them truly bully proof.

We believe that self-control, de-escalating high pressure situations whether it be at school, in the playground or even at home is the answer. Not to punch or kick the other person when a situation turns to a threat but to use appropriate skills to control the threat.

There are four pillars set after character values that we want to emphasise in our students. These characters are Discipline, Respect, Attendance and Listening.

We strongly believe everyone should excel at all facets of their life and that Jiujitsu can help them learn these traits across their balanced lifestyle. This program also provides opportunity for junior members to be introduced to BJJ competitions as an outlet to meet their needs and goals.

The Kaizen Lab is my teenager’s favourite after school activity. From zero knowledge to confident sparring with her small group of like-minded, meme-speaking, wholesome teenagers, we highly recommend Brandon, Dot and their team.


40, Mum

Structured Progression

Our Junior Members benefit from a structured curriculum with a clear progression path that gives them something to aspire to while they grow and learn. This gives the junior members much needed structure, clarity and transparency to give them as much chance of success in one of the best self defence martial arts systems.

At each level of progression and belt rank there is a clear monthly outlook of the skills and class times.

What's the difference between Jiujitsu and Other Martial Arts?

What’s the difference between  Jiujitsu and other martial arts that involve striking such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Boxing? Grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiujitsu use throws, joint locks and controlling body positions to focus on overcoming and controlling an opponent through leverage. Vastly different to Taekwondo, Karate and Muay Thai where strikes are the primarily tools.

In a normal class our junior members may not throw punches or kicks but learn to defence against strikes amongst other self defence skills.

It takes a little longer for a child to learn to use their body effectively but once they do they can use that to overcome larger or heavier opponents through effective weight distribution and leverage.

Punching and kicking might seem fun to adults but isn’t always what’s best for a developing kid.

Why Is Jiujitsu Good For Bully Prevention?

Our programs have proven to build self confidence and resilience.Bullying is an ongoing problem and not always easy to identify or if caught too late can be detrimental to the child’s well-being as it can be both mental and physical.

Is your kid shy or introverted? Great! At Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu kids classes, we don’t teach the kids to shout or yell in foreign languages. We encourage laughter and team spirit while making it also suitable for seemingly introverted or shy kids to not only participate but excel in a martial art.

Does your child love chess? Brazilian Jiujitsu has been compared to active full body chess match where they are solving movement puzzles to achieve objectives. Kids naturally gravitate to this problem solving style game and nurtures their natural movement and playfulness and focuses it through the martial art of Jiu-jitsu.

Is BJJ Challenging?

Yes, BJJ is probably one of the most challenging martial arts available today. Why? Well there are a number of reasons but it is a performance martial arts. What this means is the student has to be able to understand concepts and principles of the techniques and then be able to apply it in a live situation. This is a huge benefit for self defence and confidence in students because they know that the techniques will work when they need it to.

Do Kids Receive Different Belts?

Head Coach Brandon Chin promotes all members and junior members when a member is assessed to be ready to be graded to the next rank.

For adults, it generally takes 1-2 years to move from white to blue belt. From then on it typically takes 2-3 years per belt. Of course there are exceptions to this. An extraordinary few have achieved black belt in as little as 3 years. Some take more than 12 years. In the end, the decision is up to the Head Coach.

Because junior members have more belts, they are promoted more often. It generally takes around 9 months for a child to be promoted up from white belt. In most cases, it takes about 1 year for each belt after white.

Who Teaches The Kids Classes?

Our Head Coach Brandon Chin and his team of dedicated and quality Coaches hold national police clearance and working with children certificates. The kids classes are taught by dedicated and quality instructors most of whom have previous experience teaching junior sports education. 

Are There Grading or Testing Fees?

No. There are no testing fees for stripes or belt promotions. However, you will be responsible for the cost of your new belt.

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