Kids Jiujitsu Class

Discipline, Resilience and Bully Proofing


A Unique Experience

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu’s kids classes offer different levels of fun and bully prevention for kids. Our specially developed classes were specially designed to provide kids with a foundation that build resilience, improves their self esteem and confidence. That goes a long way and we do that without teaching punching and kicking.

We do teach the kids how to defence against punches and kicks however, we believe that controlling and de-escalating high pressure situations whether it be at school, in the playground or even at home is the answer. Not to punch or kick the other person when a situation turns to a threat.

Four Pillars

Our four pillars are set after character values that we want to emphasise in our students. These characters are married to the skills taught with our Jnr Samurai Program. These pillars of

  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Attendance
  • Listening

We strongly believe that the child should not only excel at after-school activities sbut also at school, at home and when interacting with others. This build balance in general life.

What’s The Difference Between Jiujitsu and Other Martial Arts?

My kid does Taekwondo/Karate/Muay Thai – what’s the difference? Grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiujitsu use throws, joint locks and controlling body positions to focus on overcoming and controlling an opponent through leverage.

It takes a little longer for a child to learn to use their body effectively but once they do they can use that to overcome larger or heavier opponents. Vastly different to Taekwondo, Karate and Muay Thai where strikes are the primarily tools.

Punching and kicking might seem fun to adults but isn’t always what’s best for a developing kid.

Benefits and Bully Proofing

Our programs have proven to build self confidence and resilience.Bullying is an ongoing problem and not always easy to identify or if caught too late can be detrimental to the child’s well-being as it can be both mental and physical.

Is your kid shy or introverted? Great! At Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu kids classes, we don’t teach the kids to shout or yell in foreign languages. We encourage laughter and team spirit while making it also suitable for seemingly introverted or shy kids to not only participate but excel in a martial art.

Does your child love chess? Brazilian Jiujitsu has been compared to active full body chess match where they are solving movement puzzles to achieve objectives. Kids naturally gravitate to this problem solving style game and nurtures their natural movement and playfulness and focuses it through the martial art of Jiu-jitsu.

Challenging? It’s Supposed To Be!

Jiujitsu isn’t for everyone. Although we do our best to make it fun for all kids of al ages, the skills and concepts can be very challenging.  it’s supposed to be.

You won’t see 50 kids packed into a class with another teenager teaching them. Jiujitsu is unlike other martial arts. This is a difficult and challenging martial art that incorporate many elements such as self-defence and competitive sport. For those that persevere the rewards are great.

What you’ll see are experienced coaches guiding kids as they break them into smaller groups to work on skills. And then come back together to play some skill games to apply what they have been taught. Active participation from all students and in doing so it will teach them how to decipher and overcome  challenges.

All that learning also comes with a lot of fun. Our skill games are incredibly fun and the kids get extremely excited to try out their skills in games like Sumo Ring. We have designed the classes to ensure that the kids have a fun experience when they step on the mats.

Not Convinced?

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