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Why Fundamentals Class?

Kaizen Lab’s Fundamentals Class is designed for someone with absolutely no experience with Brazilian Jiujitsu. The class introduces key skills and positions to students fresh to martial arts and Jiujitsu through shining a spotlight on key techniques and skills. This helps to develop a detailed oriented mindset and allows students to see how skills and positions link together.

After a few months of training the student may then attend the All Levels classes. The timeline to transition to the All Levels class depends largely on the student – some more, some less. The Coaching Team and an individual Jiujitsu plan all work to help answer and guide you when that is suitable.

What A Workout!

The 1-hour class allows a comfortable way for a student’s body to comfortably adapt to the rigours of Jiujitsu. Our objective is to minimise injuries and maximise enjoyment while being able to introduce key skills to new students.

Classes begin with a quick but thorough warm up routine designed to loosen the joints and muscles. This is followed by the introduction of the key skills for the session and may complete with some games or drills designed to help you apply those skills.

How Are Classes Structured?

The key to learning Jiu Jitsu is repetition. The ultimate goal is to condition your sub-conscious so that you can move automatically and react in an appropriate manner in a given situation.

The class is 1 hour and the outline will roughly consist of:
· Warm up
· Self-defense/Stand up portion
· Grappling technique portion
· Review / Drill
· Line up / close class

The class employs a ‘co-operative partner’ approach that allows you to watch a technique, series of techniques linked together, self-defence skill or situation, and then practice it on a partner who is cooperating with you to be able to perform the task correctly.

During the class you may then go on to drill the techniques while rotating with other students in the class, or through a predetermined set of reaction possibilities from your partner. There are many drill variations used during the class, but the key to the Fundamentals class is that the partners are working together to learn.

This may seem ‘odd’ for a martial art that prides itself on realistic training, but we always say “You must learn to crawl before you can fly!”

Not Just For Beginners!

We understand that rolling is a lot of fun and students are eager to start the All Levels classes, excited to learn more advanced moves. But not so fast…the Fundamentals are NOT just for beginners!

You might be surprised to see several advanced belts on the mats at the Fundamentals class. Why? Why would a blue, purple or brown belt with 6+ years experience in jiu-jitsu want to attend a class that showed basic techniques?

Because it is the basic techniques that we use in EVERY wrestle or roll. The mastery of the basic techniques is what being a skilled jiu-jitsu student means.

Most of what you use throughout your jiu-jitsu life will be from the Fundamentals classes. Every roll you will :
~ replace the guard
~ escape from side control or mount
~ attack with arm locks and triangle chokes

Refining techniques with details that may have been forgotten or even more so with new details. That very same triangle choke that the new student struggles to learn is the move that the black belt has honed to a razor sharpness.

The fundamental techniques are VERY effective when applied with the correct timing, weight distribution and control.

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