Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian jiujitsu and no-gi Submission grappling are martial arts whose goal is to control a resisting opponent through leverage and body position

Flow with the roll

Brazilian Jiujitsu, also known as BJJ, is a martial art that includes ways to bring a person to the ground to then use techniques and body position to control a bigger and stronger opponent. BJJ as a term frequently encompasses no-gi submission grappling and as martial arts they use controlling holds, escaping bad positions using leverage instead of strength, joint locks and chokes/strangle holds to defeat a larger assailant.

Which Class Should I Start With?

 Most members begin their journey in Brazilian Jiujitsu with Fundamentals Class. Here the important building block techniques and skills can be explored in a hour long class designed to slowly allow the body to adapt and get fitter and stronger for a greater range of techniques and skills.

Fundamentals classes are not just for beginners but often times higher level practitioners will use the Fundamental Classes to hone various techniques and skills that form the basis of most other techniques. 

Which class to begin with may vary amongst individuals depending on personal goals and fitness level. If you are unsure please send us a message and we would be happy to recommend a class to begin with.

What Can I Expect At My First Class?

On your first training day you are greeted by our friendly staff and shown around the club facilities before joining us on the mats for training. Don’t worry you don’t need any special equipment or uniforms for your first session.

At Kaizen Lab we offer Gi and No-Gi Classes. The Gi is a uniform jacket and pants used as a learning tool to better understand leverage and control and can be used against an opponent to control them and/or to submit them. 

In the No Gi classes we usually just wear a rash guard or t-shirt and shorts and is commonly found to be a faster style of grappling because of less friction compared to the Gi classes. But you still learn how to control and submit a resisting opponent through hand grips, body placement and balance.

In the All Levels Classes members also get to do sparring, also called “free rolling”, to practice skills against a resisting opponent which is an exciting part of this art. The decision attend the All Levels Class where rolling is encouraged is done on an individual basis to ensure safety and is really up to an individual’s ability to understand and competently demonstrate fundamental techniques and skills.

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