When you’re trying to make or keep a fitness routine, your social life almost always suffers from the first day you have to start saying no to hanging out with your friends in favour of sticking to your workout goals. But the great thing about the practice of Brazilian jiu jitsu is that keeping up …

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It’s not hard to get overwhelmed with work. And it’s not hard to see either why there are so many people who don’t work out or who do make the effort to go to the gym —but then do so sloppily and briefly. Your energy has been spent. You have calls to make, loose-ends from …

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Twice A Blue Belt

Fifteen years ago, and only a couple of months after receiving Blue Belt No. 1, I gave up jiujitsu to focus on my final years of high school. At the time, my very flawed logic was simple. Like many new students, jiujitsu was an all or nothing proposition

Better, Stronger, Faster in BJJ

Better, Stronger, Faster – A Strategy on How You Learn BJJ It goes without saying that when you turn up to a BJJ class you are going to be exposed to new techniques and that to effectively progress in the art, you will need to retain as much of this as possible. Sometimes this can …

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A Doctor’s Jiujitsu Journey

There are many reasons to train BJJ – the fitness, self-defence, meeting great people, and the fact that it’s just really good fun. My brief journey has already taught principles that apply beyond the mats, in particular about knowing how I handle stressful situations. When you first roll, you don’t know what you’re doing. You …

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Jiujitsu’s Role in Mastering the Matrix

Kaizen Lab Jiujitsu’s Head Coach, Brandon Chin, was proud to facilitate the first ever practical workshop of its kind in Western Australia. Brazilian Jiujitsu is known for its practical approach to self defence but its lesser known qualities of team building, problem solving and principles based on a system of techniques were used to demonstrate …

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Stress Relief For Busy People

Why everyone should train martial arts especially Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) and our answer to modern stress relief, weight loss and positive social interaction. The skills you learn in BJJ have the added benefit of mindful focus through the practice of Jiujitsu. This focus and clarity helps you to re-align from modern stresses. You always feel …

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Why Ladies Should Train Brazilian Jiujitsu

How We View Ourselves Our objective for our women’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program has always been and will continue to be about promoting a healthy self image. We have and will continue to strongly encourage women to train in BJJ by providing free introduction to the martial art and also our expert coaches to guide you …

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