Women rock in any sport, but we just so happen to have a particular soft spot for women in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Typically, BJJ has been male-dominated. However, slowly but surely, women are making headway as participants of this fast-growing sport. We get women of all personalities and fitness levels loving jiu jitsu just like we do with the men who attend here. It’s a sport for any and all! This post today focusses on why BJJ women are awesome and why BJJ is awesome for women too.

Size and weight doesn’t hold ground when you’ve got technique on your side. Jiu jitsu levels the playing field between men and women of all different shapes and sizes, allowing for the smaller and slighter opponent to have more equal opportunities of success in combat. For instance, sometimes extra muscle makes you gas quicker in combat, and sometimes being smaller allows for you to climb your opponent like a squirrel. Women in jiu jitsu will also develop key defence skills much more helpful in reality than just ‘eye-poking’ and ‘shin-kicking’. They learn to take their opponent, no matter how much bigger or larger their opponent is to them, and ultimately dismantle them.

What was once a male-dominated sport is now becoming increasingly popular with women. But this is not a sport that needs to be governed by gender—we’re all equal on the mats. Women in BJJ have no room for people who wish to classify jiu jitsu as a purely ‘masculine’ sport and don’t care to bother with it. Down with the patriarchy!

Following on with having equality on the mats, this makes jiu jitsu a FANTASTIC sport for self-defence. With BJJ, there is no quick cheat code out of chaos: if your opponent is ambushing you, you don’t try and poke their eye out or kick them in the shins —you’d have to be quick and lucky to get away with such a thing in real life, otherwise you simply might just risk further enraging your opponent. The women in jiu jitsu are learning the ground work needed for real life tricky situations that could otherwise put them in dire need of help. You learn what’s needed to dismantle your opponent and, more particularly, how to have them calling uncle within a few minutes (or seconds) of battle!

What’s awesome about BJJ is that it shifts the typical focus about the benefits after committing to the sport (losing weight, toning up, gaining muscle, etc.) and refocusses it on what happens during. People come to BJJ because they love the brains involved, the struggle, and the intensity. While there’s nothing wrong with committing to a sport to tone up or lose weight, BJJ just shifts the focus and provides something different—like simulated battles to the death. The excitement with jiu jitsu comes from making someone tap from the pressure of your hold, finally learning a technique you’ve never been able to master before, or training with other belts and realising how much you’ve progressed since you first started. It’s all about the excitement of discovering what your body is capable of doing.

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