Ah yes, New Year’s Day is the time for clichés! The time that every once a year, entire cities (I exaggerate) unite in a desperate attempt to improve their general day-to-day lifestyle — be it health, fitness, or social goals. On that one special day, the gyms are full, the fruit and veggie aisle is picked clean (while the chip and dip aisle slinks back momentarily shunned into the shadows), and the world seems a little bit more forcibly amiable towards one another.

Unfortunately, while it’s awesome to have such a positive energy going from day one of the new year, most of the time these new year’s resolutions literally become new day’s resolutions —which is why we would like to present you with the secret weapon for keeping all your different new year’s goals: Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ).

BJJ is just the trick for that. It’s easy to finally pick up that gym membership that’s been gathering up some cobwebs in your bank account, but it’s just as easy to put it back down and allow it to continue sitting unused. Gym, while obviously instrumental in some people’s weight loss, isn’t the best choice for everyone. It can be boring, it can feel antisocial, and (unless you can afford it), you won’t have an instructor there to push you and help guide you through cardio and weight training (whatever’s your preference). BJJ, however, is the sort of sport that provides you everything: it keeps you mentally stimulated, it keeps you sweating, it’s great endurance training, its social, and you even get an instructor for each session! Unlike the reluctant walk into a gym sesh, regulars at BJJ walk in to class enthusiastic and ready to roll. BJJ is not a task to tick off your to-do list, instead it is a reward for the day’s hard work.

There’s a lot of ways people start to get into the habit of a healthier diet, but a BIG way is through fitness — stimulating the body to encourage better choices for what you feed it. For instance, try chowing down on a big ol Big Mac meal and then going down to BJJ for a session. It won’t be nice — especially in comparison to a nice clean meal that will allow you to roll without discomfort. Generally, when you’re putting so much energy into working out, you don’t want to spoil the progress by eating bad. Also, BJJ is a sweaty sport: you will consume a lot of water — a liquid of which keeps the munchies at bay, at least for a little while.

Want to make 2020 the year you build your social circle outside of work? BJJ has that down pat. Whilst remembering that an adrenaline sport like BJJ already helps in making you a healthier, happier person (and thus more inclined outside of class to make more effort socially), jiu jitsu is also a tight knit community that welcomes newbies and encourages socialization. In BJJ, you make friends very quickly — especially considering you’re in such close contact with other people throughout each session. It’s a friendly sport. Particularly here at Kaizen Lab, everyone is very open to meeting new people and love to get together outside of the mats as well.

Taking into consideration the previous points: when you’re fitter, healthier, and more social, your confidence inevitably improves. When you look good, you feel good. When you eat well, you feel well. And when you have more friends (particularly the ones jiu jitsu provides), you feel like you have a team of people backing you. Look at it like this: if you can wrestle someone onto the ground and win in a struggle against them, you’re doing alright for yourself. What’s left to be afraid of?

If you’re looking to stop being a New Year’s cliché, give Brazillian jiu jitsu a go and watch those resolutions come true!

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